Unlocking Vitality and Nourishment for Health and Agriculture

Introducing Potassium Chloride, the essential compound that revolutionizes both human health and agricultural practices. With its unique properties and versatile applications, this remarkable substance is a powerhouse of vitality and nourishment.

Potassium Chloride, with its chemical formula KCl, is a crystalline salt that is highly soluble in water. It is a vital source of potassium, an essential mineral required for numerous physiological functions in the human body and optimal plant growth.



CAS No 7447-40-7
Hs Code 28352400
Description White Crystalline Powder, Odorless
Solubility Freely Soluble In Water
Identification Positive to Potassium & Chloride
Acidity & Alkalinity Not more than 0.5 ml of 0.01M NaOH or
0.01M HCl to change the color
Clarity and Color Of The Solution 5% W/V Solution Is Clear and Colorless
Arsenic NMT 1 ppm.
Barium Solution remains clear
Bromide Max 0.1%
Sulphate Less than 300 ppm
Iodide NMT 0.005%
Aluminum NMT 1 µg per gm.
Sodium Max 0.1%
Loss on drying 1.0 % max at 105oC for 2 Hrs
Assay (ZnSO4.7H2O) NLT 99.0 % & NMT 100.5 %


As a fertilizer, in medicine, in scientific applications, domestic water softeners (as a substitute for sodium chloride salt), and in food processing.


25 kg PP bag with LDPE liner inside / 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag

Chemical Formula