Are you in search of a high-quality chemical compound that can enhance your scientific experiments and industrial processes? Look no further than Ammonium Acetate! This remarkable substance offers a wide range of applications and is known for its exceptional versatility and efficiency.

Ammonium Acetate, with its chemical formula CH3COONH4, is a white crystalline compound that is highly soluble in water. Its unique properties make it an indispensable ingredient in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chromatography, and analytical chemistry.

In the field of pharmaceuticals, Ammonium Acetate plays a crucial role as a buffering agent, aiding in the maintenance of pH levels and ensuring the stability of medications during production and storage. Its compatibility with other substances makes it a preferred choice for formulating pharmaceutical solutions and suspensions.



Chemical Name Ammonium Acetate
CAS No. 631-61-8
HS Code 29152990
Color & Physical Form Colorless Hygroscopic Crystals
Formula CH3COONH4
Assay Min. 96%
Molecular Wt. 7708.00%
pH (5 % w/v water) 6.5 – 7.5
Water NMT 2.5%
Chloride NMT 0.005%
Sulphates NMT 0.01%
Iron NMT 0.001%
Heavy Metal (as Pb) NMT 0.001%
Packaging Details 5kg Bag
Purity 96%
Grade LR Grade
Form Powder

Application and Uses

* Ammonium Acetate is used as a biodegradable de-icing agent.
* Ammonium Acetate is used in the Knoevenagel condensation in organic synthesis.
* Ammonium Acetate is used with distilled water to make a protein precipitating reagent.
* Ammonium Acetate is used as an aqueous buffer for ESI mass spectrometry of proteins and other molecules.
* Ammonium Acetate is used to replace cell buffers with non-volatile salts, in preparing samples for mass spectrometry.
* Ammonium Acetate is also used as a food additive as an acidity regulator.
* Ammonium Acetate is also used as laboratory reagent, laboratory chemical.
* Ammonium Acetate is used with acetic acid to create a buffer solution, one that can be thermally decomposed to non-ionic products.
* Ammonium Acetate is used as a buffer for mobile phases for HPLC with ELSD detection for this reason.


25 kg PP bag with LDPE liner inside / 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag.

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